These are the statistics for the Maui real estate market. We are offering the PDF-resources supplied by Coldwell Banker Island Properties, our brokerage, as well as those from the Realtors® Association of Maui.

If you are a "numbers person", this page is made for you! Here you can research historical data, make calculations and come up with your own predictions. If you are so inclined, please share your results. I am always up for a good conversation about Maui real estate, as well as a good cup of coffee. Let me hear your perspective.

Like anywhere else, Maui property values are most commonly established with Sales Reports. You might know them as comparative market analysis (CMA). Please contact us, if you feel that a specific Sales Report for a Maui condo or home would be helpful to you. Here is a sample report for a Maui condo complex. And this is a sample report for homes in a specific area. We would be happy to prepare a custom Sales Report for you. 

Coldwell Banker Island Properties

A visual & easy to understand 3-page presentation without too much fluff


Monthly Maui real estate statistics for 2023
The Realtors® Association of Maui
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Coldwell Banker Island Properties

2022 Market Summary 
A year-end overview with neighborhood insights for Maui, the Big Island and Kauai 

Annual Maui real estate statistics
The Realtors® Association of Maui
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In 2023, the idea for VWonMaui™ is 20 years young
It's been twenty years. Two, zero years, wow! Time flies when you are having fun. My name is VW - Volker Weiss. Mahalo for all your help, trust & confidence. 

Listing Notifications 

Our custom Listing Notifications will keep you informed about immediate market changes. You will have instant access, lightning speed & flawless from any device. If you are following the Maui real estate market, we highly recommend that you sign up right now

Please remember that PDFs are digital paper. They are outdated as soon as they are produced. While we will maintain this page of our website, our plans for the display of Maui real estate statistics are very different. We are excited to launch our ideas very soon. It's absolutely #amazingwhatspossible today! We will be posting additional information in the blog section of our website.